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Boost Your Self-Care Routine
With the Skingenix Detox Combo

The Skin Detox Combo includes two advanced skincare formulas that work together to cleanse skin impurities,
boost hydration, & nourish your skin. These products also work together to offer anti-aging support to restore that radiant & youthful complexion you’ve been missing.

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Product Details

Purifying Charcoal & Clay Mask

Made with skin-loving ingredients including a blend of Kaolin and Montmorillonite clays which bind to the skin’s impurities & gently exfoliate them. Helps boost skin’s appearance and health by removing excess oils, sebum, microbes, dead skin cells & pollutants from your skin. Regular use leaves your skin radiant, supple, & healthy – just like you’re 20 again.

  • Detoxifies & cleanses skin
  • Tighten pores & restore skin elasticity
  • Restore youthful radiance

Rejuvenating Nightwear Cream

Formulated with Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, & lavender oil, this cream offers overnight skin repair. With hydration as its main superpower, this cream restores moisture & elasticity to the sensitive skin on your face. Use purified skin from the Clay Mask as a base for moisturizing, resulting in more benefits than if you were to use one of the products alone.

  • Hydrates & moisturizes skin
  • Boosts skin elasticity
  • Balances skin’s unique microbiome with vitamins
  • Reduces signs of aging (i.e. wrinkles, fine lines & ruddiness)
  • Skincare & Anti-Aging Benefits

  • Ingredient Matrix

  • Guarantee

Skingenix Customer Testimonials


72 Reviews


My skin feels tighter & brighter in just 4 weeks!

I love love LOVE the Detox Combo from Skingenix! It does all that it promises and more...I use the Clay Mask every alternate day in the morning as part of my skincare routine, and I can literally feel the dirt lifting when I take off the mask. The night cream is also fantastic as a moisturizer. My skin feels tighter, lighter and brighter in just 4 weeks of use!

Joanna Miller


One of the better face masks out there.

I have used a number of face masks and every single one has left my skin clean but dry. Skingenix Clay Mask is different – it instantly cleanses without stealing the moisture from my sensitive facial skin. I love the nightwear cream, it’s lightweight and really helps to balance my skin so I wake up feeling fresh. Love this deal and would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable anti-aging routine.

Rikki B.


A complete skincare system, love it!

I’m a longtime fan of the Skingenix brand for coming out with fantastic products at the right price. That said, the Detox Combo is by far my favorite set of theirs! The Clay Mask feels so luxurious that I sometimes forget I’m at home and not in the spa. It’s great at getting rid of my skin’s ruddiness and excess oil without leaving my face dry, and the nighttime facial cream is a perfect addition to my anti-aging routine. My wrinkles and age spots are nearly gone because of the Skingenix Detox Combo – could not recommend more!

Maria Shelly